Reward your employees with
online gift cards and support charities!

The easy way to support charities – when you reward your employees
with a Hool gift card, you give twice, and for free!

Hool: You can give! Enjoy giving! Each gift card purchased generates a 3% to 5% free donation.
The employee can give this free donation to his or her favourite charity.
When companies reward employees with a Hool gift card (up to £50) this is known as a "trivial benefit". You don't need to pay tax or National Insurance or let HMRC know.
Get ready to increase your positive impact on society!

Charity gift cards : How it works?

What are Hool's benefits?

  • Time saving :
    - Our gift card is digital
    - We take care of all the logistics
    - Employees can use their e-cards in one or several brands

  • Budget friendly :
    - No shipping costs
    - No administration fees
    - Did you know ? Since 2016 : £50 trivial benefit from HMRC.
  • Charity Support :
    - Solidarity
    - Employees can make donations to their favourite charity without any additional cost.